Getting Started


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The SDK uses a developer token to access the REST API required to map spaces to enable AR experiences. You can get it by logging into our Developer Portal with your registered email and password. The latest version of the SDK can also be downloaded from the portal.

// example token

You need a Developer Token to map a space, but visual positioning (localization) can be done without one.

Quick Start with Unity

Download the SDK from our Developer Portal and Sample Project from our GitHub repository.

  • Open the Sample project.

  • Import (Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package...) the ImmersalARCloudSDKvXX.unitypackage into your chosen Unity project.

  • If needed, use the Package Manager (Window -> Package Manager) to install AR Foundation 1.5.0, ARCore XR Plugin 2.1.0, ARKit XR Plugin 2.1.0 and also TextMesh Pro (1.4.7 is verified to work).

  • Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings

    • Turn off the Auto Graphics API.

    • For Windows:

      • Set primary API to OpenGLES3

    • For iOS:

      • Set Graphics API to Metal.

      • Set Target Minimum Version to 11.3.

    • For Android:

      • Set Graphics API to OpenGLES3.

      • Set Minimum API Level to 26.

Start by building the provided Mapping App sample scene for your device and then reading the How To Map-instructions.