Getting Started


Register for a free account in the Developer Portal

The free license has capacity limitations, but you can use it even for commercial projects and it suits many use cases.

Download the Mapper

Our Immersal Mapper App is available for download for both Android and iOS.

You can use the app with your free account.


Immersal Cloud Service REST API requires a developer token for authentication.

You can get it from the Developer Portal

Spatial Mapping can be done with Immersal Mapper App without knowing the token, simply by logging in with your credentials.

In your apps, Visual Positioning (localization) can also be done without the Immersal Cloud Service and the required token.

You can embed your Spatial Maps into your app and use on-device Visual Positioning completely offline.

// example token

Quick Start with Unity


Download the latest Immersal SDK Core .unitypackagefrom the Developer Portal and the latest immersal-sdk-samples sample project from Immersal's GitHub repository

The sample project is already configured and has all required packages and settings in place.

  • Open the sample project in Unity 2022.3.10f1

    • There will be some errors when opening the sample project without the Immersal SDK Core, do not enter Safe Mode when prompted

  • Import the latest Immersal SDK Core .unitypackage into the sample project

    • Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package -> ImmersalSDKv1_19_2.unitypackage

    • Errors should now have been cleared

  • The packages and settings are already configured. In case you're having problems

    • Use the Unity Package Manager (Window -> Package Manager) to check that the following packages are installed

      • AR Foundation 5.0.7

      • ARCore XR Plugin 5.0.7

      • ARKit XR Plugin 5.0.7

      • Editor Coroutines 1.0.0

      • OpenXR Plugin 1.8.2

      • TextMesh Pro 3.0.6.

      • Unity UI 1.0.0

      • Universal RP 14.0.8

      • 2D Sprite 1.0.0

  • Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings to check the following settings

    • Auto Graphics API should be turned Off

    • For Windows

      • Set Graphics API to OpenGLCore

    • For iOS

      • Set Target Minimum Version to 12.0

    • For Android

      • Set Graphics API to OpenGLES3

      • Set Minimum API Level to 26

Building your first app

Start by building the Mapping App sample scene for your device and reading the How To Map documentation.

Note, you don't have to build the Mapper. It's available in the App Stores as mentioned above.

Tutorial Series

We have a Getting Started-series for our Unity plugin.

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