SDK 1.2



  • Developer Portal: Map stitching. You can select multiple maps and combine them into one new map (assuming the maps have overlapping features).

  • Samples: Mapping App can now restore old map's source data to the workspace from the map list.

  • Samples: Mapping app can also delete maps from the map list directly.

  • SDK: Mapping performance improvements.

  • SDK: REST API updated.


  • Samples: The "AR Cloud space" rotation and position can now be get from ARSpace.cs instead of ARLocalizer.cs, which was buggy anyway and returned only the first map's pose, thus giving incorrect results when using multimaps.

  • Samples: Navigation and multiplayer samples fixed to work with multimaps.

  • Samples: UI fixes all over.


  • Samples: Updated project to Unity 2019.2.8f1 and AR Foundation 3.0.0 preview.3, should continue to work just fine with older versions.

  • Developer Portal: Updated EULA.

SDK 1.1



  • A simple Multiplayer Sample scene using Unity Networking (Note: You need to enable Multiplayer in Unity Services).

  • Variable lighting adaptation.

  • Android 64-bit support.

  • Map Download Sample (previously SampleScene) and MapListController.cs are back by popular demand.

  • On-server localization.

  • Gravity-based map alignment when constructing a new map.


  • Mapping and localization now work on iPad Mini (probably fixes problems with various Android devices as well).

  • Point cloud renderer and runtime map loading fixes.

  • On-device localization was sometimes giving false results.


  • Supported Unity version is now 2019.2.3f1+, should work on 2018.4 LTS still with correct AR Foundation packages.

  • Android plugin is now an .aar file with both 32-bit and 64-bit binaries.

SDK 1.01



  • Samples: Mapping App now notifies the user if sequential captured images can be connected by their matching feature points.


  • Samples: C# API updated for AR Foundation 1.5 / 2.2.

  • Samples: Point cloud preview bugs fixed.

  • Samples: Now distributed in a separate GitHub repository.

  • SDK: Requires Unity 2018.4 LTS.

  • SDK: Now distributed as a .unitypackage (available at the developer portal).

SDK 0.19



  • SDK: Improved multimap support in Unity Editor.

  • SDK: ARLocalizer.cs finds the first pose much faster.


  • Samples: Improved MappingApp with separate Workspace and Visualize modes.

  • Samples: Changes to sample scenes to support multimap feature.

  • SDK: ARSpace.cs functionality moved to ARMap.cs to clarify multimap workflow.

SDK 0.18



  • Samples: Downsample option in ARLocalizer. Uses less memory and is faster.

  • Samples: Multimap loading support in MappingApp.

  • Samples: RGB Image Capture Toggle in MappingApp.

  • Developer Portal: Dense point cloud download.

  • Developer Portal: Delete map function.

  • SDK: Initial multimap support.


  • SDK: Fixed camera intrinsics calculation (fixes screen space Y offset bug on iOS devices).

  • SDK: ARCloud.cs script removed, ARSpace.cs has the same functionality.

Known issues

  • Samples: Removed the drop-down menu for dynamic map loading. It needs to be completely reworked to support multimaps.

SDK 0.17



  • Samples: Persistent Content Placement Sample Scene.

  • Samples: Pose Filtering in SampleScene.

  • Developer Portal: Dense point cloud download.

  • SDK: RGB Camera Capture option.


  • Samples: MappingApp UI and UX improvements.

  • SDK: Updated to OpenCV 4.

  • SDK: Improved network bandwidth usage during mapping.

SDK 0.16



  • Samples: Indoor Navigation Sample Scene.

  • Samples: Tracking Quality Indicator PoseIndicator in SampleScene.

  • Developer Portal: Sparse point cloud download.

  • SDK: Feature Anchor sets map orientation.


  • Samples: Option to switch between different maps in addition to the embedded one.

  • Samples: MappingApp UI and UX improvements.

  • Samples: MappingApp Capture Delay decreased from 0.5 seconds to 0.25 seconds.

  • Unity Package: Project cleanup.


  • Samples: Fixed crash when no debug text was assigned to ARLocalizer.

  • SDK: Fixed a bug with setting the camera resolution. Now defaults to best possible.

SDK 0.15


Initial release