Map Editing Feature

You have already built a map and want to edit it. If you wish to remove a certain area, objects, or a specific place from the map, you can now easily do so with this feature.

Enterprise license is required to use this feature.

Downloading Your Map

  • You can login to the Developer Portal and download either the Sparse.ply or Dense.ply file from the map you want to edit.

  • Here are 2 examples of what they look like.

Example#1 Sparse Map

  • Click on "map-name-sparse.ply" to download the map

  • This is how a sparse.ply map looks like in the Developer Portal map view mode

Example#2 Dense Map

  • Click on "map-name-dense.ply" to download the map

  • This is how a dense.ply map looks like in MeshLab

Editing map

  • You can use any third party tool of your choice that can edit and export .ply file

  • In this example we used "MeshLab".

  • After editing the map always export it in .ply format

Here are the steps to export:

  • For MeshLab go to "File > Export Mesh As"

  • Select file type ".ply" Choose File name and File Location

Upload edited map

After editing and exporting now you have to upload the map to the Developer Portal

  • Select the parent map from dashboard that you downloaded to edit.

  • Press the button “Upload Edited map”

  • Then choose the File to Upload

  • Choose a suitable name and and select the file to upload

  • And wait for the upload then map will be visible in your dashboard.

Tutorial Video

Here is the tutorial video of the same process explained above. In this video you will see:

  • Downloading the map

  • Editing in MeshLab

  • Exporting .ply file

  • Uploading to dashboard

  • And at the end comparison of cleaned and raw maps

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