Immersal SDK is available for Unity and works with a variety of devices.


Immersal SDK fully supports (on-device plugin available):

  • All ARKit and ARCore-compatible devices through Unity's AR Foundation framework

  • Huawei's AR Engine-compatible devices using the HWAR SDK for Unity

  • Nreal light headset using Nreal's SDK for Unity

Limited support for a variety of other hardware (available through our REST API):

  • Mapping (as input for the Cloud Service)

  • On-server localization


Our Unity SDK (native plugins and C# scripts) is tested with Unity 2019.4 LTS and also works with Unity 2018.4 LTS when used with the correct package versions.

The newer Unity versions are recommended.


Support in development for Magic Leap and HoloLens.

Most Android devices are locked to 30 frames per second in AR applications. iOS devices allow for 60 fps apps for a snappier and more responsive feel.