To boost the development of Spatial AR applications, we offer a free commercial license for developers. The capacity of the free license covers most small and medium-sized projects.
For large-scale projects and custom AR solutions, we also offer additional features, products, and services with our enterprise licensing.

Free Commercial License

0 EUR/month
Commercial Immersal Cloud Service and SDK license for developers and AR studios.
Spatial Mapping capacity
  • up to 300 images / Spatial Map
  • up to 1000 Spatial Maps / month
Visual Positioning capacity
  • up to 300,000 on-server Visual Positioning (localization) requests / month
  • up to 100,000 Spatial Map downloads / month
Unlimited Visual Positionings (localizations) when perfomed by the plug-in locally on the end-user device. Requires maps to be available on the device, either downloaded at runtime or embedded in the app beforehand.


Multiple deployment options
  • Private Immersal-hosted AWS instance
  • Private cloud instance on your platform of choice
  • Stand-alone on-site deployment on a Linux server
Enterprise features
  • Leica BLK2GO support for Spatial Mapping
  • On-device Visual Positioning for HoloLens (coming soon)
  • Capacity for larger projects
If you want to discuss our enterprise licensing, contact us via our Contact Form or email us at [email protected]