Huawei AR Engine support

The last official version of the Huawei AR Engine Unity SDK was It is still available on the Chinese version of this page. It works up to Unity 2019.x and doesn't support Universal Render Pipeline (URP).
The samples have been tested with Huawei AR Engine Unity SDK v3.7.0.3.
Community enthusiasts have been updating the Unity SDK to later versions of the AR Engine. Immersal support is based on this GitHub project, which uses AR Engine To build this Immersal sample project, download the aforementioned project and copy the HuaweiARUnitySDK folder under Assets/. After that you can use Huawei AR Engine in your Unity 2020+ projects with URP. To build the project, make sure you have the string HWAR in Player Settings / Other Settings / Scripting Define Symbols.


  • Import HWAR SDK into the sample project.
  • Open Player Settings and add the string HWAR to Scripting Define Symbols.
'HWAR' added to Scripting Define Symbols at the bottom of the panel.
New HWAR-compatible scenes added to the project.
Note! To access the FullHD camera image from the SDK, some patching is required:
In HuaweiARUnitySDK/Scripts/ARFrame.cs, add:
public static ARCameraImageBytes AcquirePreviewImageBytes()
if (ARSessionManager.Instance.SessionStatus != ARSessionStatus.RUNNING &&
ARSessionManager.Instance.SessionStatus != ARSessionStatus.PAUSED)
throw new ARNotYetAvailableException();
IntPtr imagePtr = ARSessionManager.Instance.m_ndkSession.FrameAdapter.AcquirePreviewImage();
return new ARCameraImageBytes(imagePtr, ARSessionManager.Instance.m_ndkSession);
In HuaweiARUnitySDK/Scripts/Adapter/ARFrameAdapter.cs, add:
public IntPtr AcquirePreviewImage()
IntPtr imageHandle = IntPtr.Zero;
NDKARStatus status = NDKAPI.HwArFrame_acquirePreviewImage(m_ndkSession.SessionHandle, m_ndkSession.FrameHandle, ref imageHandle);
return imageHandle;
public static extern NDKARStatus HwArFrame_acquirePreviewImage(IntPtr sessionHandle, IntPtr frameHandle,
ref IntPtr ImageHandle);