Unity Sample Project

Documentation for our official Unity sample scenes.

Quick Start

  1. Download the Sample Project from our GitHub https://github.com/immersal/arcloud-sdk-samples

  2. Download the Immersal SDK for Unity from the Developer Portal https://developers.immersal.com/

  3. Open the Sample Project in Unity

    1. There will be errors as you have not yet imported the Immersal SDK .unitypackage

  4. Import the Immersal SDK Core .unitypackage

    1. Assets -> Import Package -> Custom package -> Select the downloaded file

    2. All errors should be gone

The following steps shouldn't be necessary, but you might want to check

  1. Installed packages in Windows -> Package Manager

    1. AR Foundation 4.0.8

    2. ARCore XR Plugin 4.0.8

    3. ARKit XR Plugin 4.0.8

    4. Editor Coroutines 1.0.0

    5. Multiplayer HLAPI 1.0.8

    6. TextMesh Pro 2.1.4

    7. Universal RP 7.5.3

  2. XR Settings in Project Settings -> XR Plug-in Management

    1. Initialize XR on Start-up is turned on

    2. Plug-in Providers are turned on for iOS and Android

      1. ARKit for iOS

      2. ARCore for Android

  3. Player Settings in Project Settings -> Player -> Other Settings

    1. For iOS

      1. Auto Graphics API is turned off

      2. Graphics API is set to Metal

      3. Target Minimum Version is set to 11.3

    2. For Android

      1. Auto Graphics API is turned off

      2. Graphics API is set to OpenGLES3

      3. Minimum API Level is set to 26

Try building the Immersal Mapper App

  1. File -> Build Settings

  2. Switch to your platform of choice (iOS or Android)

  3. Select only the MappingApp scene in the Scenes in Build

  4. Build the project

  5. For iOS

    1. Open the generated XCode project

    2. Build and install to your device

  6. For Android

    1. Install the generated .apk file to your device

  7. Log in to the Mapper App with your account credentials and start mapping :)

Next Steps

Check the documentation for the different sample scenes

We also have a Getting Started series you can find in the link below https://vimeo.com/showcase/6343595