Using the Mapping App Sample

How to build and use the Mapping App sample.

Building the app

Download the latest version of the SDK from the Developer Portal and the samples from our GitHub.

Follow the instructions in Quick Start with Unity to setup your project.

Open the MappingApp scene found in Assets/ImmersalSDK/Samples/Scene if you wish to modify any settings found in the ImmersalARCloudSDK Game Object. The default settings are good to start with.

You can paste the Developer Token from the Developer Portal if you wish to, but we no longer require it as we use your login information to verify you on app start.

Open Build Settings and only add or select the MappingApp scene to be included. Build the app for your device.

Main options for the SDK are found here.
You can change the resolution used for capturing images and localizing.

Using the app

Login Screen

Enter your registered email address and password when starting the Mapping App.

Login Screen

Workspace Mode

Default view - Workspace mode.

The default view is the Workspace mode and has the following features:

  • Workspace statistics

    • Images stored in the Workspace.

    • Images queued for uploading to the Workspace.

  • Switch Mode button to switch between Workspace and Visualize modes.

  • Capture button to add images to Workspace.

  • Tools button for additional tools and options.

Workspace Tools

Tools available in the Mapping App Workspace mode.
  • Delete Images allow you to delete images from the Workspace.

  • Toggle RGB Capture toggles between full color and monotone capture modes.

  • Add Anchor Image adds an Anchor Image to the Workspace.

  • Start Map Construction submits a new map construction job.

Visualize Mode

Visualize mode

The second view is the Visualize mode and has the following features:

  • Toggle Map Visualizations allows you to select maps to test and visualize.

  • Localization Statistics shows you how many localizations were successful out of all of the attempts.

  • Switch Mode Button to switch between Workspace and Visualize modes.

  • Localize Button to test localization against selected maps.

  • Toggle Point Cloud Visibility Button to turn point cloud rendering on and off.

Toggle Map Visualizations

Dialog for downloading maps for testing.
  • The Red Cross means the construction has failed.

  • The Blue Cogwheel mean that the construction is not done yet.

  • The Green Check Mark means that the construction was successful and the map can be downloaded for testing.