Immersal's Cloud Service can be used through our REST API with practically any device. Submitting images, constructing and managing maps, and using the on-server localizer for visual positioning can all be done through the REST API.
We also have an SDK for Unity, which allows for easy app development and enables on-device localization for visual positioning.
The Immersal SDK for Unity can be used with:
    Unity's AR Foundation to support iOS, Android, and Magic Leap devices
    Nreal SDK to support Nreal Light
    Huawei AR Engine to support HWAR compatible devices


Immersal SDK for Unity is available for both macOS and Windows.
It's tested with Unity 2019.4 LTS and can also work with Unity 2018.4 LTS when used with the correct AR Foundation package versions.


Many Android devices are locked to 30 frames per second refresh rate in AR applications. iOS devices allow for 60 fps apps for a snappier and more responsive feel.
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