Getting Started

Register for a Free Account

The first step is to register for a free account in our Developer Portal at

Download the Immersal Mapper App

The fastest way to start mapping is with our Immersal Mapper App which is available for download for both Android and iOS

You can log in to the app using your registered account credentials.

Download the Demo App

Once you log in to our Developer Portal, you can find download links for an easy-to-use Demo App. It provides a streamlined mapping UI meant for mapping small room-scale spaces.

Once you have mapped a space, you can then place virtual content in it. All this in the same app.

You can log in to the app using your registered account credentials.

Demo App download link in the Developer Portal

Check out the Developer Portal

You can find all your constructed maps in the Developer Portal.

You can rename and delete maps, align and stitch them together, and download and visualize the output files. For each constructed map, the Cloud Service generates

  • A .bytes map file

  • A point cloud and a vertex-colored mesh .ply files

  • A textured mesh .glb file

You can click on the eye icon next to the 3D output files to visualize them in your browser.

Download the Immersal SDK and Sample Project for Unity

You can download the Immersal SDK Core as a .unitypackage from the Developer Portal. The Sample Project is available from our Github page at

Check out the Unity Sample Project documentation for more information.